How we helped this SaaS business raise $30 million

Marketing Strategy

Project overview

With a shoestring marketing budget, Exceed needed to revamp their brand messaging to help improve sales team performance. Exceed also sought to build awareness to position themselves as market leaders in the AI marketing automation space - organically.

About Exceed

Founded by Ilan Kasan and Yaron Ismah-Moshe, Exceed provides both automation and conversational AI marketing products to empower marketing teams to convert more leads at scale.


Top-down messaging rebrand

  • Started from the basics and documented core messaging including: personas, customer journey, mission statement, taglines, UVP, tone, competitive landscape, and product pillars
  • Messaging and sales enablement material improved sales onboarding and overall closing performance

PR and LinkedIn Hype

  • Wrote and pitched PR announcing Exceed's seed round fundraising to generate attention from investors and strategic partners
  • Consistently released 'win's that were shared throughout organization that were publicly celebrated to garner awareness

Organic outreach for back linking

  • Built organic relationships with tangential tech partners, blogs, and publications to generate backlinks through guest posting, thought leadership, and podcast appearances

SEO from scratch

  • Audited the entire site and created a comprehensive SEO strategy to drive organic traffic including: keyword mapping, site speed audits, competitive audit, content opportunities, and optimization opportunities

Project results

  • Marketing helped lead a $30 million acquisition
  • SEO and content marketing efforts increased organic traffic by 30%
  • Earned over 50 organic backlinks over the course of 6 months to improve domain authority by 6 points
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